Frequently Asked Questions


Heiress is based in New Zealand and all our products ship from our beautiful island nation to you. As self- confessed jewellery buffs, we were always on the hunt for jewellery that wasnt being worn by the masses that was high quality and affordable. We were after pieces that we were passionate about ones that could really lift any outfit or mood. Lets face it when were feeling a little worn down by life, theres nothing quite like that perfect accessory to lift the spirits. Whether youre wearing haute couture or your scruffy joggers, jewellery goes with everything. We want our customers to have access to precious head turning metals without breaking the bank.


Yes, we do. You can find a list of the countries we currently ship to here. Please note that the final shipping rate will be displayed at checkout. All products sent are insured and tracked. 

Once your order has shipped, youll receive an email with tracking details.

We know how it is when youve bought something online and youre anxious to receive it. Thats why we aim to dispatch all purchases within 24-48 hours of receiving an order (Monday to Thursday). Please allow an additional 48 hours for shipping notification if youve ordered on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Remember were in New Zealand so were in the future!

All of our products are shipped from New Zealand. 


It depends. Please note that any tax that is levied in buyer's country is the buyer's responsibility. Common taxes are Customs tariff, value-added tax, and sales tax. As the taxes are different between countries, we suggest you check out the rules in your country for guidance. We do not prepay any taxes or duties. 


Please note that we cannot accept returns on earrings due to hygiene regulations.

Discounted items and Sale items are not eligible for a return.

If you are not happy with your purchase, we will accept a return of an unused product within 14 days (for New Zealand orders) and within 28 days for international orders.

If youd like to return your item,  please email us at and well send you a returns form.  All return orders must have a completed returns form to be eligible.

Once we receive the returned item Heiress Store will then give a full refund (excluding shipping as we are unable to refund the initial shipping cost of your order).

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your return to be processed.

Returned items must be delivered to us unused, in original packaging and in the condition they were received. We cannot be held responsible for items damaged or lost in return shipments, therefore we recommend you use an insured and trackable mail service. We are unable to issue a refund without actual receipt of the item(s) or proof of received return delivery.

We aim to accept all returns. In the unlikely event that an item is returned to us in an unsuitable condition, we may have to send it back to you. All goods will be inspected on return.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.


Our jewellery is made in China and our manufacturer adheres to the highest jewellery standards. Our products are hypoallergenic, which means theyre  free from nickel, lead, and cadmium. Our sterling silver products are compliant with jewellery standards: EN 1811 - Nickel release / EN 12472 - Lead Content, Cadmium Content. * Please note that it is impossible to extract 100% of nickel, and trace amounts may be found.

What is your jewellery made from?

Our jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver (unless otherwise stated). Our pieces are either sterling silver without plating, sterling silver with 18k gold plating or sterling silver with rhodium plating. Where space allows, our pieces carry the 925 silver stamp and the Heiress Logo.

What if I have metal allergies? Are your products hypoallergenic?

All our jewellery is hypoallergenic meaning its unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic jewellery is made from metals that are unlikely to trigger allergies, usually because they either dont contain nickel or only contain trace amounts.

What is hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic simply means unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. If you struggle with metal allergies, its best to opt for safe metals. The basic rule here is that the higher the purity of the metal, the less likely you are  to react to it. For example, while some people are allergic to 14k gold (around 58% purity), they generally have no issues with 18k gold (75% gold). All our gold plated products are 18k gold.

Metals to choose if you have problems with jewellery allergies include sterling silver, 14k gold plated or higher, rhodium plated, surgical stainless steel, platinum, and titanium. Steer clear of white gold, German silver, brass and costume jewellery as these often have higher levels of nickel.

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is what's known as a metal alloy. This means that sterling silver is a combination of metals instead of just one single metal (like with pure silver, for example). Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy. Sterling silver is much more durable compared to fine silver because of the added metal alloys. This can help your piece last and stay looking the best it can for longer.

What is gold plating?

Gold plating is a process that allows the deposit of a layer of gold onto the surface of another metal. In our case, its 18k gold plating on a sterling silver base metal. Because gold in its purest form is both expensive and often too soft for creating jewellery, gold plating is the next best thing.

The 18K gold plating contains 75% pure gold mixed with other metals for better hardness and strength. To contrast, if you were to buy a 24k gold plated piece of jewellery (100% gold), it would be much more vulnerable to damage as it is softer than 18k gold.

Is 18k gold better than 14k gold?

Yes. 14k gold plated pieces contain only 58.3% gold and the rest is made up of metal alloy. 18k gold contains 75% gold and its more vibrant than lower caratage items.

When can you call something gold?

Not all gold is the same;  the minimum caratage for an item to be called gold varies by country. In the US, 10k is the legal minimum accepted standard. But in France, the UK, Austria, Portugal and Ireland, items with 9k gold plating can be called gold. In Denmark and Greece, 8k is the legal minimum standard.

What is rhodium plating?

Rhodium plating is used to increase the durability, lustre, and light reflection of a piece of jewellery. Rhodium plating is mainly used on silver metals such as white gold, palladium, or silver. Because it is a hard metal, a rhodium plated piece of jewellery is more resistant to scratches. Rhodium is also less likely to tarnish

Keep your jewellery dry and away from any other chemicals like perfume, salty air, cosmetics, skin creams, and chlorine. Remember to remove your jewellery before showering and store it in a jewellery box if possible.

Tarnishing (oxidation) is considered normal and its not a manufacturing fault. Its a natural reaction when the metal reacts to the oxidation in the air. Because our pieces are mostly 18k gold plated or rhodium plated, you will benefit from a thicker coating and less tarnishing than on other lower quality metals. To get the best out of your jewellery, its important to care for it properly.